Author name: Hilary Ojibe

Can Vegans Eat Bread

A bread recipe should contain just four simple ingredients: flour, water, salt, and yeast. Yeast isn’t non-vegan since it’s a fungus, just like mushrooms are. These basic ingredients would produce a simple vegan bread. However, if sweeteners, fat, or dairy products are added, it won’t be considered vegan. Can vegans eat bread? Absolutely, just as …

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Can Vegans Drink Alcohol?

Can Vegans Drink Alcohol  You may ask yourself, “How is alcohol considered non-vegan?” and “Why is the question Can vegans drink alcohol?” Well, yes, vegans can actually drink alcohol. Beers, wines, and ciders could be considered non-vegan if products used in the filtration process, such as isinglass, gelatin, and casein, were used. Additionally, some non-vegan …

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Why Can’t Vegans Eat Sugar?

Can vegans Eat Sugar You could think, “Isn’t sugar cane really the main ingredient in sugar? Why is it a concern if vegans can eat sugar, since sugar is made from sugar cane, a plant-based product. Some of the sugar are typically not vegan-friendly, why some?. Some people probably don’t know how sugar is processed. Some types of sugar may be processed using bone char, which is made from the bones …

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