Is Twisted Tea Considered Beer?

Twisted Tea is indeed considered beer. This alcoholic beverage is made with malt-based alcohol, which is derived from fermented grains like barley and wheat.

The addition of malt-based alcohol in Twisted Tea gives it a 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). This same volume can be found in other kinds of beers on the market.

I would say that the main difference between twisted tea and traditional beer is in its ingredients, which include tea extracts and natural flavors.

In the sections below, we’ll take a closer look at the ingredients and properties of twisted tea that classify it as beer.

Is Twisted Tea Considered Beer?

Yes, twisted tea is considered beer. Both of these alcoholic drinks can contain the same amount of alcohol, but there are still some differences between the two. Twisted tea is made to be sweeter with little to no bitterness, while beer has an acidic taste that is classified as bitter to some people.

Is Twisted Tea Considered Beer?

Various factors distinguish these two alcoholic beverages, and they are:


Twisted Tea is made using natural tea leaves, a malt base sourced from beer, and natural flavors. In contrast, beer is typically made from malted barley, yeast, and water, with some variations incorporating artificial flavors.

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Since malt base is part of the brewing process of Twisted Tea, some people consider it a beer.


Twisted Tea is a sweet and refreshing beverage made from real tea leaves, offering minimal bitterness. On the other hand, beer commonly presents an acidic taste that may be off-putting to certain individuals.

Although there are exceptions, such as rice beers, the traditional bitterness associated with beer comes primarily from the presence of hops—an ingredient absent in Twisted Tea.

Alcohol by Volume (ABV)

When compared by alcohol content, beer is generally higher than Twisted Tea. The alcohol by volume (ABV) range for beer spans from 0.0 to 7 percent, with some strong beers exceeding this range. Meanwhile, Twisted Tea maintains a lower ABV of 5 percent.


In terms of pricing, Twisted Tea tends to be more expensive than many beers. While some beers may have higher costs, a significant portion are considerably more affordable when compared to the Twisted Tea brand.

To illustrate this price difference, let’s look at an example: with an average 12-pack of beer, the price may fall within the $7 to $12 range, depending on the brand, while the same 12-pack of Twisted Tea could be priced at around $16.

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These two drinks are not so different after all since they both contain alcohol and come in somewhat the same packaging.

Is Twisted Tea better for you than beer?

Twisted Tea is a healthier choice compared to beer due to its lower calories and carbs. It contains caffeine for mental clarity and herbal ingredients for relaxation.


Twisted Tea is classified as a beer and is made with malt-based alcohol. It is suitable for vegans looking for a refreshing drink that doesn’t go against their beliefs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Twisted Tea taste like beer?

Twisted Tea tastes sweet, fruity, and less bitter than beer. This appeals to many drinkers. Unlike beer, which can have a bitter taste that some dislike, Twisted Tea offers a smoother flavor. Also, while beers are usually more affordable, Twisted Tea tends to be pricier.

How many beers is a Twisted Tea equal to?

Twisted Tea’s 12 oz. can match the alcohol content of a standard beer with 5% ABV. Despite its dissimilar taste, it equals a regular beer in alcohol content. This may astonish those unaware of its beer-equivalent potency.

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